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New Ford Trucks!
Electronic Rustproofing
Do vehicles still need Rustproofing protection?
Used vehicles need rust protection too!
Warranty Alert !!!!!


Electronic rustproofing
New Ford Trucks
Spring detailing!
Used Car Rust Prevention.
Warranty Alerts
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Warranty Alerts

Warranty Alert !!!!!

Warranty alert!

If your vehicle has a lifetime rust warranty, please contact us and we'll let you know what you need to do to keep that warranty in force. Lifetime warranty vehicles need to have a inspection when the Manufactures warranty expires. Contact us and we give you the information for the company that can/will inspect your vehicle in Grand Rapids.

We will no longer provide inspections for any warranties sold by Great Lakes Chemical and insured by CSCI their insurance company.

It's important that you receive the inspection as their warranty company, CSCI, uses the lack of an inspection as a excuse to deny claims!
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