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Electronic Rustproofing
Do vehicles still need Rustproofing protection?
Used vehicles need rust protection too!
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Electronic rustproofing
New Ford Trucks
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Used Car Rust Prevention.
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Used Car Rust Prevention.

Do vehicles still need Rustproofing protection?

Do new vehicles still need to be protected against corrosion? In Michigan, yes. The state of Michigan uses 22 tons of salt per linear mile in the winter. The also spray liquid brine (salt) on all the overpasses. This salt causes corrosion to start in the first year.

Car manufactures have come a long way in building vehicles that last but as long as they use metal, salt will cause the vehicle to rust. Car manufactures are not going to change the way they make cars for the few states (see our salt map on our website) that still use salt.

Used vehicles need rust protection too!

If you've recently purchased a used vehicle and you'd like to protect it from rust caused by Michigan winters, contact us.

We have a used car program for you. 2009-2012 Used vehicles come with a 7 year warranty.

Older vehicles are not covered under the warranty but still benefit from rust protection !

Call and ask for Doug or Steve in GR or Scott in Kalamazoo for more details.
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