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New Ford Trucks!
Electronic Rustproofing
Do vehicles still need Rustproofing protection?
Used vehicles need rust protection too!
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Electronic rustproofing
New Ford Trucks
Spring detailing!
Used Car Rust Prevention.
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New Ford Trucks

New Ford Trucks!

In 2016, Ford F150 pick-ups body's are aluminum to help reduce corrosion and lower weight. The frames however are still manufactured from steel susceptible to corrosion in the state of Michigan (22 tons of salt per liner mile).

Also, many of you have seen the commercials showing how easy it is to punch a hole or dent the floor/sides of an aluminum truck bed

At Auto Appearance Center of Grand Rapids LLC we have solutions for both of the problems.

1.) Treatment Undercoating and sound treatment. Not only will it prevent rust on the metal frame, it will reduce road noise and keep your truck warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
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