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Does my vehicle need appearance protection?
 Today when you purchase a vehicle your making a major investment.  To help protect that investment, The Treatment Appearance Protection products are applied to insure that your investment will be protected from salt, acid rain, industrial fall-out, road debris and your kids. 
People that have Appearance Protection products applied keep their vehicles longer because they look better and are easier to maintain than vehicles that don't. Historically, vehicles that are protected bring a higher price when it's time to sell or trade in.  Think about it, wouldn't you rather purchase a used vehicle that's been protected from the elements?
Next time your driving down the road,  look. Do you still see vehicles with rust , faded paint, paint that has no shine, and vehicles that just look old? The Treatment Appearance Protection warrants that your vehicle will keep looking like new for years to come. It's a good investment!
Why paint sealant?

In Michigan, our acid rain level measures 4.3. This level of acid rain is more acidic than coffee. Coffee stains our teeth and etches the enamel  much as acid raid stains our vehicle paint and etches the clear coat. Motorweek magazine estimates that 50% of the vehicles on the road are effected by acid rain. According to the EPA (see link) reports of damage to automotive coatings have increased over the last ten years. Usually the damage is permanent; once it has occurred, the only solution is to repaint.

How is paint sealant applied?
We wash the vehicle and remove any surface contaminants (bugs,tar,rail dust, etc). Then we use a clay bar to level the surface and remove any contaminants that remain. We spray the paint sealant on all the painted surfaces and then run the vehicle through our "Buff and Shine" machine lightly buffing the sealant into the painted surfaces (see photo gallery).  
After paint sealant is applied, what do I need to do to maintain the shine?
Although paint sealant bonds permanently with the painted surface, the vehicle still needs to be washed on a regular basis.  If your using an automatic car wash, just get the basic wash. No wax's needed!
Once a year  schedule an appointment to use one of your Buff and Shine coupons to have us re-apply the paint sealant and restore your vehicle to showroom condition.  There are no restrictions on using your Buff and Shine coupon.  7 days in a row, 7 weeks in a row, or 7 years in a row!
What if  I miss a year?
The warranty is not affected by the Buff and Shines. Call and schedule a appointment and we'll get you back on track.
Do vehicles still need rustproofing?  (see rust photo gallery)

In some States, yes. The State of Michigan applies 22.9 tons of salt per linear mile to their roads during the winter months.  While Automotive Manufactures have improved metals used in producing cars, salt will still cause corrosion.  Manufactures won't change the way they build vehicles for the few states that still use salt. In fact, some manufacturers use salt as an exclusion for their rust warranty. Protecting your vehicle with "The Treatment" rustproofing is the only sure way of protecting your investment.  
Does undercoating really reduce road noise?
Yes! Vehicles treated with the Treatment undercoating have up to a 30% reduction in road noise. The Treatment undercoating also helps prevent rust and stone damage to the underside of the vehicle. We will inspect and re-apply our undercoating as long as you own the vehicle at no charge.
What happens in I spill something on my fabric that's been treated?
Blot up the spill with a  clean towel or cloth. If it leaves a stain,call us and we'll  try and remove the stain or help you file a claim in the event that we can't get it clean. We remove 99% of all stains on treated fabric.
Why not just buy a can of Scotchgard fabric protector?
Once applied, Scotchgard will wear off and needs to be re-applied. Usually it takes a stain to let you know it's time to re-apply. In the event of a stain, your on your own. Scotchgard has no warranty.
The Treatment fabric protection only needs to be applied once. In the event of a stain, we will work to remove the stain at no charge to you. It's also backed by a 7 year insured warranty that will replace the fabric in the event a stain cannot be removed.  
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