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Treatment Products
Paint Sealant
Our paint sealant contains crosslinking polymers that bond with painted surfaces.  It also contains P.T.F.E. Resins and UV inhibitors. Our paint sealant comes with a 7 year insured warranty and eliminates waxing.
Fabric Protection
Our fabric  protection keeps your seats and carpets looking showroom new. It provides an invisible barrier that protects carpets and upholstery. It makes fabric oil and water repellent and is installed professionally.  Comes with a 7 year insured warranty.
Leather Protection
Guards vinyl and leather surfaces form the suns harmful UV rays. Prevents fading and is professionally applied. Comes with a 7 year insured warranty. 
Our rustproofing is applied using existing access  holes (see photo gallery). We never drill!  The product is a wax based product that is fogged into the doors, seams, rocker panels, hinges, hood, trunk lid, and all other areas that salt can access.  The product comes with a 10 year warranty that requires no inspections.When applied with our paint sealant you receive an additional 5 year surface rust warranty.
Undercoating/Sound Inhibitor
Bonds to underbody metal providing a quieter ride and extra abrasion resistance. It also provides extra thermal insulation! Comes with a Lifetime Warranty !
Glass Protection
Glass protection products improve clarity and visibility
extending drivers reaction time. It uses nano technology to permanently bond with the glass and helps deflect small road debris reducing the damage to glass. It significantly reduces night glare and allows insects to be easily washed away! Snow and ice are a breeze to remove!

We have 2 levels of warranty that we provide. 

1.) 5 year repellency warranty
2.) 5 year chip and crack warranty (includes repellency)

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